Our Humble Breakfast

Little Thoughts Group  |  'Makan Time' Exhibition, Singapore 2012  |  www.littlethoughts.org

In Singapore a breakfast of kaya toast, two half boiled eggs with teh or kopi (tea or coffee) has stood the test of time and is still a favorite for many of all ages. The symbolic significance of 'Our Humble Breakfast' as part of Singaporean heritage dictates that the food itself should remain unchanged and remain pure to its origins. The aim was to celebrate the food in the way that it is presented and to enhance the eating experience. The eggs, the kaya toast and the drink all form elements of a ‘gift’ which are presented on a simple, unique tray making it easy to carry. As you unpack your gift and arrange the items you focus and appreciate each of the elements. Notably, the best kaya toast is light, airy and crispy so to prevent the toast from becoming soft and soggy the tray elevates the toast so that the bottom can breathe and the steam does not become trapped between the bread and the plate. So go ahead….crack the eggs in the saucer, add the sauce and pepper, then dip your crisp kaya toast and enjoy. When done it just all goes back on the tray.