A little about myself...

Born in Malaysia and bred in Australia, I am a graduate in Industrial Design from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. With a multi layered background focused on user experience, strategy and design, my experiences in life extend from product and solution development through to operational management. I am an experienced leader with strong creative and technical skills providing me with the ability to choreograph, lead and deliver.

I believe is that it is not enough to simply style products today. The world is changing and people are changing. In their own way consumers have become more knowledgeable, more discerning, more unique. As designers our solutions must be user focused and should have the necessary elements to provide customers with the right experiences that address not only current needs but also needs that customers themselves may not yet know they have. Only by understanding people first can we then provide them with something meaningful.

My global experience crosses diverse sectors including consumer electronics, telecommunications, automotive, furniture and home wares. As a designer at heart, my personal interests are in furniture, home wares and environments where I am inspired by culture, experience, emotional values and materials. In my spare time I'm a crazy squash addict!!